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tv   News 4 Today at 430  NBC  May 26, 2011 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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neighborhood. >> he got on top of me to take the brunt of most of it. you know, he's my hero. >> hit by debris, he had a severe puncture wound in his back. >> i did everything i could to get him help. >> don did not survive. >> i could have taken twice as much damage just to have him alive, i would have. >> an agonizing emotion shared by the families of at least 125 victims in joplin this morning. jay gray, nbc news, joplin, missouri. locally, police are looking for four masked men who shot, beat, and car jacked men in a metro station. robbers shot a 21-year-old woman and hit her 54-year-old father over the head at the largo town center metro station. both victims are recovering. police found the stolen camaro abandoned in northeast washington. the attack is similar to one in
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new carroll ton on friday. information about this case could help them solve the latest attack. albert haps worynesworth isn court in fairfax county. he faces charges for a road rage incident in february. he's accused of hitting another driver in reston. that man says haynesworth was tailgating him. he's facing a sexual abuse charge stemming from the hotel in washington. haynesworth pled not guilty to that charge. first look at weather and traffic together this morning. tom's here. >> feeling like summer. getting toward memorial day. it certainly is feeling like it around our region. first day in a long time maybe 90 degrees this afternoon. dress accordingly as you head off to work and school as you head out this morning. 70 balmy degrees. mid and upper 60s in montgomery,
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fairfax county. southern maryland, around the bay, northern neck, towards fredericksburg. right at the ocean. the water temperatures are in the mid 60s, pretty chilly. right now, showers and some thundershowers that are diminishing after some damage in the midwest, now in eastern kentucky, eastern ohio. here, we've got a mostly clear sky now starting off this thursday morning. live picture there from the city camera. the sunrise will be at 5:-48. by 9:00, we'll be in the upper 70s, lots of sunshine. few clouds in the upper 80s. low 90s for a brief time in the mid afternoon. a small chance, a 30% chance of a passing thundershower that will be late this afternoon perhaps early this evening. just a small chance of that. looks like we'll have big changes moving in tonight to tomorrow. a little bit of a delay
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early on. both directions to and across the woodrow wilson bridge. the bridge is back open, in place. traffic is moving. little volume, both directions between alexandria and oxon hill. we'll keep an eye on it. 66 westbound and eastbound inside the beltway. glebe road, the construction does continue. if you're planning on traveling to the eastern shore or coming back over the bay bridge, we just received word of a serious crash east of frederick, interstate 70. authorities are on the scene with an accident closing both directions. east of frederick, get more information and get back at you. joe, eun? a man is in custody after he stabbed another man to death in rockville. the two men got in an argument inside a home in truvilla road last evening.
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the police caught up with him and arrested him. they have not released the name of the suspect or the victim. police are investigating a shooting that occurred overnight in northeast dc. a man was shot in the arm in clay street. he went to the hospital and refused treatment at the hospital and walked out. >> this was the scene six weeks ago as a house fire injured four dc firefighters. one suffered burns on 50% of his body. in a news 4 exclusive, he spoke with craig melvin about that terrifying night and how he wants to suit back up. >> may day, may day. may day. chuck ryan was one of the first fire fighters inside the abandoned house inside northeast. ryan was the last man out. wednesday from the hospital where he spent the last month and a half recovering, he recalled the smoke and flames and thinking about death. >> when me and my partner were
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laying on the floor, when the whole place was on fire, and thinking about the best way of how we were going to get out of his house alive. >> a third of his body was burned, some second degree, in as many as six weeks, they had seven surgeries. >> skin graphed both of my hands. i had skin graphs done to both my left and right arms. my back and my shoulder area. >> but ryan had another team. >> really strange that when you go from being able to do everything to being able to do absolutely -- really nothing, it's heart wrenching. >> so fellow firefighters have sat with him around the clock since he arrived at washington's burn unit. in the early days feeding him most recently, filling in for him in the stands. >> there's one frustrating part when i was in here was missing a couple of games.
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>> he'll be cheering again soon and plans to suit up again as well. but his doctor wants to wait and see. >> it's hard to tell exactly what the skin tolerance is going to be to the extreme heat. we'll have to work toward seeing whether that's going to work. >> chuck ryan is shoor it wiure. >> my job means a lot to me, going to work and working with my colleagues. it's important. >> craig melvin, news 4 today. today ryan's fellow firefighters will pick him up from the hospital and bring him back to the officially end his shift. obama will head back to the g-8 summit. there will be topics in the area of nuclear safety and missile defense. tracee potts has a preview. good morning to you. >> good morning. only eight decision makers but 18 heads of state and 25
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delegates. the arab uprisings sure to be a huge topic there as some of the leaders of the developing nations have been invited, and african nations that have been surrounding that particular area. we understand they will endorse a package of multibillions of dollars of aid for asia and tunisia and other countries for emerging democracies. the internet, the global economy all on the agenda. in fact, we expect there will be discussion of who will head the imf, the international monetary fund based here. it's traditionally been a european. france, a leading candidate. but developing nations are promising they will have a kabd date as well. president obama will have a series of one-on-ones with france and japan. where the number one topic will be libya. russia wants to see gadhafi. but they want a cease-fire to
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mediate that process. the president gave a presummit pep talk saying western powers will continue to be highly relevant and leaders despite growing countries like china, brazil, and india. i should mention that the president held a final farewell dinner for the queen before he left. he's headed to the g-8 this morning. joe? a travel warning for the state department this morning, they're ordering all nonessential u.s. diplomats to leave yemen. the state department is urging american citizens to leave the country as well. the move comes amid concerns about security conditions in the country. street battles between supporters and opponents of yemen's president have been going on for three days now. 39 people have been killed in gun battles in the capital city. president obama has called on yemen's president to step down. this morning, the montgomery
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county budget is voting on the fiscal budget. one week after reaching a tentative agreement on a $4.4 billion budget. the budget goes to effect in the first of july. 4:38, 71 degrees. how the navy captain behind the nude videos is seeking public support. also, a home with a horrific past is now for sale.
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time for weather and traffic on this thursday morning. i'm tom kierien off to a balmy start. 70 in the northern and eastern suburbs. rural areas in west virginia and western maryland and right now it's in the 60s. thunderstorms in eastern kentucky and ohio. some of those will make their way to the mountains later today. here, off to a pleasant start. a mostly clear sky now. temperatures by 9:00. lots of sun pushing 80. well to the 80s by noontime. even the low 90s by mid afternoon. late afternoon, there's a small chance, a 30% chance of an isolated thunderstorm popping up. a higher chance, shenandoah valley west. and after any chance of storms by around 7:00 will be partly cloudy and upper 70s by late evening.
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this time tomorrow morning, partly cloudy in the upper 60s. increased chance of storms tomorrow. look at that, the holiday weekend, and into next week. that will be at 4:51. how's traffic? serious accident east of frederick on 70 within the hour closing down i-70 and new market. eastbound was closed for a short time because of a medevac helicopter. the helicopter is gone. coming from mt. airy to frederick remains blocked right now be the detour and everything is looking pretty good right now. along i-95, northbound, a little increase in volume, but so far, from fredericksburg all the way to the capital beltway, unevenful start on this thursday
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combination friday. >> wish we could treat it that way. what a neighbor said casey anthony borrowed days after her daughter disappeared.
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the man accused of shooting congresswoman gabriel giffords and shooting six others will not stand trial, at least for now. jared lee lo urk ghner was not
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fit for standing trial. he said, quote, thank you for the freak show. she die in front of me. he believes giffords did die in that shooting. the judge ordered him to a mental hospital to see if doctors can treat him to become competent to stand trial. gabrielle giffords is back in a houston rehabilitation center. she returned after doctors implanted a synthetic replacement on part of her skull removed to allow her brain to swell. mark kelly says he talks to his wife almost every day from space by phone. he says giffords sounds good and is it upbeat. astronauts will venture out again to check the shuttle's heat shield for damage. this is a live look inside mission control. the shuttle is scheduled to land early next wednesday. the crew completed the work on the international space station. they hooked up new cable wires, a grapple fixture for the station's robotic arm.
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the lockout continues, players around the league including the redskins continue to organize their own workouts. this week for the first time, veterans for the team are getting a look at the rookies. also a chance for brandon banks to get back in the mix. he got mixed up in a nightclub brawl and was stabbed back in february. he's been fully recovered for a while now. and banks says he's ready to move on. >> you can't -- if you love the game, love what you do, can't nobody stop you from doing what you do. >> feels good to be out here with the guys. it's a sad thing we're going through a lockout. but we're getting the chemistry down, going over the playbook still. getting back to football. >> yesterday, nfl commissioner roger goodell said the league still intends to play a full season but the time is nearing when the lockout will disrupt chances of a full training camp, preseason, and the 16-game schedule. >> all crossing our fingers. got to have football. tom, 4:51, a little sticky
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out there again. feeling like summer. >> it is. get ready for a heat wave. looks like our first extended run of hot weather. beginning today all the way to the weekend and next week. right now, radar scanning the sky. no precipitation around the region on this thursday morning. but it is mild and muggy. right now, 70 degrees at reagan national. near 70 in prince george's county. weather watchers checking in in southern maryland, the northern neck. weather watchers reporting from montgomery, arlington fairfax counties in the mid and upper 60s there. the blue ridge, shenandoah valley, in the low to mid 60s in the mountains of west virginia. and right around the bay of the lower and eastern shore, 60 to near 70 degrees. the water temperature in ocean city is 66. that's rather chilly. bay water temperatures are right around 70. here we are, mostly clear sky over us now. but we'll have high clouds drifting in later today from the
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remnants of the now thundershowers that are beginning to diminish and break down now headed to the mountains of west virginia. for us today, there's the live picture of our city camera showing the washington monument in the clear sky and the sunrise is about 5:48. by 9:00, upper 70s with sunshine. by noon time, partly cloudy, mi 80s. we'll touch 90 in a few locations by mid afternoon. first time since way back last september 25 that we got above 90 degrees. by late afternoon, there's a small chance of thundershowers as well as early this evening. a 30% chance. otherwise, partly cloudy. upper 70s by late evening. upper 60s tomorrow morning. hot, humid, a chance of scattered showers tomorrow early evening. as well tomorrow, not nearly as hot. 90 on sunday. low, maybe mid 90s on memorial day and tuesday next week and a chance of more storms wednesday.
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how's traffic, jerry? we're on the cusp of a long holiday weekend. have to watch the comings and the goings. quiet start on both directions north of town. the outer loop. light volume on the inner loop. overnight roadwork. you should find the lanes reopened there, we're told. key bridge, nothing to worry about. gw parkway. accident cleanup continues, closing, westbound interstate 70. before you get to frederick, eastbound frederick to baltimore, your lanes are open. joe, eun. a national click it or ticket campaign kicks off today. troopers will be out to spread the word. last year, 85% of drivers were using seat belts. 4:54, 71 degrees. new numbers reveal whether love and marriage go hand in hand. whether the navy captain
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mind the controversial videos now has his own website. and next, a vandal is and next, a vandal is running [ horns honking ]
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there over the last month dozens
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of cars have been vandalized. some have had tires slashed and windows smashed. but the majority have been spray painted with the number 68. they're not sure what that means. they want anyone who knows the significance of the number or any information to call police. a navy captain censured for producing run a chi videos is seeking letters of support before he appears at a board of inquiry. the hearing will determine whether he engaged in misconduct as executive officer aboard the aircraft carrier u.s.s. enterprise. he was the number two officer when he helped with a series of videos. the videos included anti-gay slurs, sailors of both genders in shower scenes, and vulgar language. the struggling economy has meant lost jobs, lower wages, and difficult financial times. >> it's affecting the number of


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